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The section here regarding dating is not completed (or gospel by any means) but with the help of about 5 or 6 different people that have been extremely helpful this is just to point you in the correct direction.  I have also been told that many times older boxes were given newer movements and the reverse.  That could be done as a result of repairs or just happened to be the parts they had on hand.


According to the Reuge website the first disc music boxes (does not specify Thorens) were made in Germany in 1870. 


Thorens Company established in Switzerland in 1883


Here is a LITTLE basic info about dating your Thorens Boxes.  As we find more we will add it to our site as well.


Pre 1930's

* The oldest of the Thorens Disc Boxes have open movements such as the first images shown at the top of the page.  These boxes will date before 1930.

* The oldest of the disc players also have a single piece swing arm which my understanding this type of swing arm was in use until the mid to late 1950's.


Late 1930's to early 1940's

The movements became enclosed and there is no Thorens Logo on the movement still.  The screws are in a square pattern like the older open movement, it would have a rounded winding key, a solid steel bar and no that you can see workings on the enclosed movement.


1950's to 1960's

The next style has holes in the movements.


1970's to 1980's till Reuge purchased Thorens

Finally the newer ones are like the above movement and also have a plastic gear in them which are about 1970 till Thorens was purchased by Reuge in 1985.


The Reuge boxes sell in the range of $900.00 for the simple box and $1500.00 for the nicer ones.  We do not own one so no photos are provided.  Their website is