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Thorens Music Boxes Combs


The following few images were taken after we had purchased a pre 1930's music box and found that the sound was nice but it did not have the volume of the older comb with 7 or so broken teeth.  We had a person suggest that the comb we received was likely too new for the unit because the angle of the comb and the pitch were changed with the newer movements (I would assume when they changed to a sealed movement).


In this image you can see the change in the angle to the comb shown as marked below.


Here you can see the difference in the height of the back of the two combs.


This would show you that there is a difference in the "pitch" of the combs because the tips are longer on the old comb compared to the new one.  Thus the new comb has more weight on each tine and a lower pitch.




Thorens Movements


These two images show you the workings of the music box which is distinctive of the pre 1930's





The section here regarding dating is not completed (or gospel by any means) but with the help of about 5 or 6 different people that have been extremely helpful this is just to point you in the correct direction.  I have also been told that many times older boxes were given newer movements and the reverse.  That could be done as a result of repairs or just happened to be the parts they had on hand.


According to the Reuge website the first disc music boxes (does not specify Thorens) were made in Germany in 1870. 


Thorens Company established in Switzerland in 1883


Here is a LITTLE basic info about dating your Thorens Boxes.  As we find more we will add it to our site as well.


Pre 1930's

* The OLDEST combs had squared tips rather then pointed and the damper system was different.  Photos hopefully will follow.

* The oldest of the Thorens Disc Boxes have open movements such as the first images shown at the top of the page.  These boxes will date before 1930.

* The oldest of the disc players also have a single piece swing arm which my understanding this type ended use in the 1950's.


Late 1930's to early 1940's

The movements became enclosed and there is no Thorens Logo on the movement still.  The screws are in a square pattern like the older open movement, it would have a rounded winding key, a solid steel bar and no that you can see workings on the enclosed movement.


1950's to 1960's

The next style has holes in the movements. and the changed to a two piece swing arm.


1970's to 1980's till Reuge purchased Thorens

Finally the newer ones are like the above and also have a plastic gear in them which are about 1970 till Thorens was purchased by Reuge in 1985.


The Reuge boxes sell in the range of $900.00 for the simple box and $1500.00 for the nicer ones.  Again we do not own one so no photos are provided.  Their website is





Thorens discs we have available for trade for ones we do not have (preferably religious ones) are:

  0001 Lorelei
D 0443 La Traviata Brindist, Verdi *
F 1059 Rosa-Marie
D 1423 Tales of the Vienna Woods, Strauss *
B 1434 The Merry Farmer
D 1446 The Blue Danube, Strauss *
  1522 Faust Chorus


If you are looking to purchase discs or have your units repaired I would suggest contacting the following locations that we have dealt with:


Don Caine Music Box Repair Center Unlimited

The Music Repair Shop Unlimited

24703 Pennsylvania Ave.

Lomita, CA 90717-1516


310-534-1558 (fax)


Reg Smith - Antique Music Box Restorations


For information on MP3 files or Midi files provided by Hens Tooth Discs see the website link below.  We are so glad we stumbled across their site.  They have plans to begin to produce AD30 discs fro our players and also do custom songs as well.  For more information contact Jack Perron at:


If you are interested in selling or trading discs please contact Kevin


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