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We are actually in Gilchrist County but our "City" mailing address in the area is Branford, FL.


In order to contact us please call or text the number above.


HONEY is now available.


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This is Kevin & Debra Johnson


We have been the owners of Aerial Photo Lab, Inc for many years now as well as Discover Orchids. 


In the beginning of 2016 we purchased 20 acres of property in which we will be planting a fruit orchard on over the next many years.  We thought it appropriately ironic to have bought 20 acres to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary.  We have no real "set hours" there since we are not actively selling fruit and only occasionally have honey available for purchase.  We do not do any business on Friday night or Saturday so if you contact us at that time we will get back to you after the Sabbath hours are over.  We are planning to continue to build on our orchard over the next many year somewhere in the range of 200-400 trees per year.  The best way to reach me is VIA text and or email.  When I am out on the property cell coverage is spotty and the tractor is far loader than my phone.


Many of our clients have referred to us as the "Apple Man" because for many years now we have sent our clients dried apples that are made with a commercial food dryer we purchased for this project.  We normally would dry about 10 to 20 bushels of apples every year in a 80L food dryer.  This past year for the fall of 2017 we added an additional 160L food dryer which we really do not foresee putting it to a huge workload until we start harvesting around 2020. 


Debra has received a call to return to teaching so much of the time she is there is devoted to preparing for the school week and grading papers for the past week.







Michael Kevin Johnson text me at (386) 366-1323

Our actual mailing address is:

3560 Apple Orchard Dr., Deltona, FL 32738