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We are actually in Gilchrist County but our "City" mailing address in the area is Branford, FL.


In order to contact us please call or text the number above.


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- I often get asked how often do I get stung?

I have gotten 3 bee stings from my first honey harvest in April 2017.  This happened because I made a bad error of not taking enough large containers to hold all the honey I started to remove. In turn honey went into the hive and aggravated the bees. Now, I am one that makes sure I am wearing my bee suit while working with them all the time.


 - I have a swarm of bees what do I do?

You can call us and we can help get you in touch with someone that can help you if we cannot. I am usually in the Central FL area where our home is and at our Orchard many weekends. We do not provide "in structure removal" with rare exceptions.  If we do agree to do any sort of in structure removals there will be a cost and the repair would need to be done by a construction professional.  Feel free to text me and I will help you in any way I can but PLEASE do not spray them or call a pest guy to come out and kill them. The farmers and gardeners NEED these bees to survive!!!!!!


- Can I raise bees too?

Most certainly!!!  There are VERY FEW places with in a very few homeowners associations that will not allow a "back yard hive" but in most places you can have up to 3 hives.  Check the state that you live in for more regulations and remember that you will also likely  need a certificate to have an apiary in your yard.  The fee is generally very minor (about the cost of a single jar of honey a year).  I would be more than happy to pass along to you some information of places that you can obtain your hives and in some areas even your bees.  Search out local beekeepers and groups as well!  They will always be more valuable than books on the shelf because they often know a few things that are more area specific for your area compared to "general methods".


- How long will it be until you are able to start harvesting from your own trees?

I am estimating it will be about 2020 until we can actually provide fruit products from our own trees.


- What does an apple tree flower look like?

Here are a couple images that you can enjoy!

Above is a Peach Tree Flower  

- Why is your property CLOSED for work or sales on Friday Night and Saturday?

We honor the Biblical Sabbath that Christ and his followers observed since creation week and for many generations after his death and resurrection.  Our neighboring farmers and people that live around us know to call the police if they see someone out there working and do not see us there because they all know that we do not allow any work to be done by others on our property as well.  If you would like to know more about this and other bible truths a great place to start is www.AmazingFacts.org



- Where did you get the trees for your orchard and can I order them also?

We have obtained trees from several different sources over the years.  When we purchase a batch of trees they are always in a minimum batch of 10 per tree type and we often order between 200 and 300 a year.  They arrive as dormant bare root trees.  We generally are planting in the range of December and January.  Since we are a small operation (only 20 acres) most of the work is done by myself and my wife when she is able to assist me.




Our fresh raw HONEY.

Michael Kevin Johnson text me at (386) 366-1323

Our actual mailing address is:

3560 Apple Orchard Dr., Deltona, FL 32738